Juan Carlos Fernandez

Juan Carlos Fernandez Zara is Senior Operations Officer, Corporate Governance, based in Ho Chi Minh City. Juan Carlos oversees all corporate governance advisory services for IFC in the East Asia Pacific Region (EAP). He joined IFC in 2005 in Southern Europe to manage the corporate governance program in the Balkans. Under his leadership, the program delivered more than 100 conferences and trainings, raising nearly USD 1 million in cash fees and helping client companies access investment in the amount of USD 66 million. Juan Carlos moved to EAP in 2009 and has been managing the Vietnam Corporate Governance project as well as delivering Corporate Governance related activities in Laos and Cambodia. In addition to hands on work with companies, Juan Carlos and his team developed, together with the regulator, a comprehensive Corporate Governance Manual as well as a scorecard on Corporate Governance, which assesses implementation levels of listed companies, raising USD 65,000 in cash fees to date. Juan Carlos is a lawyer by training and has an MBA from the University of Geneva. Prior to joining IFC he worked in the Legal and Financial Services department of Ernst & Young.

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