Andrew Chambers

Andrew was described in The Times Editorial (15Sep06) and by The Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (21Jun11) as ‘a worldwide authority on corporate governance’. He was the Specialist Advisor to the House of Lords’ Economic Affairs Select Committee’s Inquiry into Auditors: market concentration and their role (2010-12).

As an independent director, Andrew chaired the audit committee of a FTSE250 financial institution for eight years until 2003 and prior to that their remuneration committee: he was a member of the board of their subsidiary bank. He has been an NED of an NHS acute hospital trust and a member of their remuneration and audit committees. Chair of the audit committee of the Medical Defence Union (2004-6).

He is a jurist for annual awards (a) Hawkamah Bank Corporate Governance Awards in the MENA region (2009-) and the ICSA Hermes Transparency in Governance Awards (2011-).

From 2005-11 he was visiting professor in internal auditing at Birmingham City University (2005-11), and a full professor at London South Bank University (2004-13). He is Professor Emeritus of London’s City University where he was Dean of what is now the leading Cass Business School and the world’s first professor in internal auditing (1983-93).

More recently he was Professor of Audit and Control at the University of Hull. Author of Chambers’ Corporate Governance Handbook (5th ed., April 2012, Bloomsbury, ISBN 978 1 84766 878 3, 900 pps), The Operational Auditing Handbook - Auditing Business & I.T. Processes (2nd ed., Wiley, April 2010, ISBN 0470744766, 884pps), Tolley’s Internal Auditor’s Handbook (2nd ed., 2009, ISBN 9781405735674, 750 pps), and seventeen other books on these subjects plus translations. He was founder general editor of Blackwell’s International Journal of Auditing (a peer reviewed research journal) (1995-2003). Editorial Council, SIR*IUS (2012-). Editor, monthly newsletter Internal Control (ICAEW, ISSN 1367-2517, 1997-2006), and Fraud newsletter (ICAEW, ISSN 1469-0322, 1999-2000).

Andrew has been a director of The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc. and a member of their International Internal Audit Standards Board (1992-5 and 2008-14). He is a member of the Committee on Internal Audit Guidance for Financial Services set up at the instigation of the FSA and the Bank of England. He was a member of the UK FRC’s Auditing Practices Board (2006-9). Member of FEE’s Corporate Governance and Company Law committee (Brussels 2008-, deputy chair 2012-). Until 2005 he was a member of the Corporate Governance Committee of ICAEW; then founder chair of the Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee of the ACCA (2005-10) and member of their Governance, Risk & Performance Forum (2011-). Member of ACCA’s Auditing Committee (1995 – 11) and of ICAEW’s Internal Audit Committee (2011-). Winner of the Institute of Internal Auditors (UK) 2008 Distinguished Service Award.

He was approvingly cited in House of Lords Debates: on 08Dec08 as advocating that boards, and particularly NEDs, need assurance independent of management, which requires enhancing the role of internal audit and the creation of a cadre of "super auditors" who can relate on even terms with board members; and on 16Dec08 as an authority on corporate governance.

Andrew joined Arthur Andersen from University, with whom he qualified as a chartered accountant before posts in industry with Barker & Dobson and United Biscuits, the former in charge of internal audit. He has been on the Council and the Technical Board of the British Computer Society. His engineering qualifications are in software engineering. He is a member of The Royal Society for Asian Affairs.

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