1. In partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Center successfully organized the Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop "Developing and implementing a program for corporate governance". The very first expert training manual was developed.
  2. The very first Joint meeting was held with board of directors and board chairmen of business organizations on theme of Corporate Governance.
  3. Signed a memorandum of understanding with the Mongolian National Mining Association.
  4. A lunch meeting was held with rectors and heads of universities to discuss on corporate governance program in the curriculums, with active partnership of IFC. Economic Policy and Competitiveness Project took part in the meeting as well.
  1. A business lunch meeting with President Ts. Elbegdorj and the executives of the member companies was organized to promote corporate governance agendas.
  2. A seminar on "How the board works during crisis" was held in partnership with IFC, active participation from the board members, and board chairmen of the leading companies in Mongolia.
  3. Acted as a panelist on the corporate governance panel during the Mongolian economic forum.
  4. A manual on “Corporate Governance in a Family Business” was published in cooperation with the IFC.
  5. A manual on "Constructive board", based on IFC experience, intended for the use of senior management of companies, was published.
  6. The 3rd Corporate Governance forum in Ulaanbaatar, with participation of more than 250 international and local guests.
  7. Developed a draft program in partnership with the National Development and Innovation Committee and the FRC as part of the working group to develop the National Corporate Governance Program.
  8. Actively involved in the revision of the banking law, providing suggestions in increasing the roles and responsibilities of the board members as well as expanding the qualifications for a board member.
  9. "Corporate Governance" textbook intended for the teachers and students use was published with the financial assistance of IFC.
  1. An introductory training on corporate governance targeted towards journalists and other members of the media was organized in partnership with BPI.
  2. Corporate governance subject was officially included to the UFE general MBA program from September 2011.
  3. Conference on "CSR and Sustainable Economic Development" was co-organized with GIZ.
  4. The 4th Corporate Governance forum in Ulaanbaatar.
  5. Organized a conference on "Revised Company Law and Corporate Governance" in partnership with IFC and FRC.
  6. Led the panel on corporate governance during the Mongolia economic forum.
  7. Became a member during the first meeting of CSIA and participated in the roundtable meeting of OECD Asia regional forum.
  1. Two roundtable forums with IFC on company law was held for legal professionals and business lawyers.
  2. In partnership with IFC, FRC and MSE, CGDC held a seminar on "Corporate governance in Mongolia: Opportunities and Challenges".
  3. The 5th Corporate Governance forum in Ulaanbaatar.
  1. Two CG trainings jointly with the Asian Development Bank was held for senior managers of banks and auditors.
  2. A workshop for Training of trainers focused in corporate social responsibility was held with the support of GIZ.
  3. The 6th Corporate Governance forum in Ulaanbaatar.
  4. The annual meeting of the national council of corporate governance and the codex meeting on corporate governance were held.
  5. A press conference on “The corporate governance evaluation report for the top 20 companies of the Mongolian Stock Exchange” was organized co-jointly with IFC and FRC.
  1. A CG training jointly with the Asian Development Bank for senior managers of banks and auditors.
  2. A seminar on "Risk management- Management counter actions to economic and company level crisis" was organized.
  3. The 7th Corporate Governance forum in Ulaanbaatar.


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