1. In partnership with IFC, CGDC held a lunch meeting among the management of universities to include corporate governance program in the curriculum. Economic Policy and Competitiveness Center attended the meeting.

  2. On January 15, 2010, President Ts. Elbegdorj, members of parliament and members of the cabinet participated in a lunch meeting with CGDC members regarding the development of corporate governance in Mongolia.

  3. Successfully organized a seminar in partnership with IFC on "How the board works during crisis" in which the management, board members and board chairmen of the leading Mongolian companies participated. The training was moderated by professor Ulrich Schtaeger and doctor Christoph Nedopil.

  4. Together with IFC, successfully organized the training on "Family Business Governance". The training was moderated by the director of the School of Economics and Finance of Hong Kong University, Ph.D Joseph Fen and senior policy analyst of at OECD in charge of corporate governance, Daniel Bloom who presented their research on family business governance in Asian countries.

  5. CGDC organized a two day, high level training and seminar for board members and senior managers on corporate governance and board audit. The training was moderated by UK's Management Audit director professor Andrew D. Chambers, renowned in the field of corporate governance, International Certified Financial Analyst Institute director Charles Young and Balbeer Mangat, trainer from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

  6. In partnership with USAID BPI project CGDC developed its own corporate governance evaluation tool.

  7. With the help of this online tool, one is able to get preliminary governance evaluation, advice and comments on pending issues and their resolution by answering a questionnaire with 100 questions regarding one's company.

  8. A three day training for board secretaries was held, together with IFC, from March 10-12, 2010. At the invitation of the IFC, the training was moderated by director of the corporate governance center at the International Business Institute in Ukraine, Alexandar Okunev. In addition to his experience serving as a corporate governance consultant for IFC over many years, Mr. Alexander Okunev published "Handbook on international corporate governance" and other 60 works.

  9. In partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC), successfully organized the workshop "Developing and implementing a program for corporate governance" for teacher trainers. The training was moderated by IFC Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, corporate governance specialist Ms. Vladislav Ryabota. Ms. Ryabota who holds a Ph.D degree is a leading trainer with 15 years of experience in corporate governance and is a professor at business school in Ukraine.

  10. With IFC and FRC, organized a press conference on November 21, 2013 at Kempinski Khan Palace Hotel on corporate governance evaluation reports for the top 20 companies of the Mongolian Stock Exchange.

  11. The evaluation team included: Anne Molyneux (Ph.D, international consultant), T. Tsend-Ayush (Ph.D, national consultant), Anar Aliyev (international consultant), E. Oyunbileg (national consultant), J. Unenbat (national consultant), D. Ganbayar (national consultant), Ts. Zolzaya (national consultant) and B. Gereedei (national consultant).


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